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	Our mission is to let all Jit Sin High School students or 
alumnis to have a web site of their own for discussion, exchanging 
news, sharing ideas, or even to subcribe their ideas and opinions 
to the school.

   	We wish to let alumnis have a feeling that they are at home,
wherever they may now are at some corner of the world.

	We wish to share together,
whatever it may have happy news or bad news.

	We wish to discuss together, 
whenever we have problems.

	But, most of all, We wish all of us can contribute towards
the welfare of Jit Sin.

    This page is meant for all of us, the Jit Sin community. So 
let's make it a success, you and me. Without your support and 
cooperation, this site will be like any other. Let's make our site 
our second home.

	Bringing  Jit Sin towards the new millennium is yours and 
our duty!

Thank you.

Best regards,

Jit Sin High School Homepage Development Team