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Pengerusi Leo Khor Hwai Shin
Naib Pengerusi Leo Tan Jun  Ein
Setiausaha Leo Tang Jau Wei
Setiausaha Leo Teoh Er Ling
Bendahari Leo Teoh Wen Tien
Setiausaha Leo Ooi Koon Quan
Programme Leo Khor Ghee Keat
Tamer Leo Cheah Cheng Chau
Tail Twister Leo Eng Wen Fei
Membership Leo Kkor Yoke Ying



Leo Boo Yee Ying
Leo Cheah Cheng Chau
Leo Chim Pei Er
Leo Eng Wen Fei
Leo Khoo Wei Wei
Leo Khor Ghee Keat
Leo Khor Hwai Shin
Leo Kkor Yoke Ying
Leo Lau Teik Beng
Leo Lee Chew Pei
Leo Ooi Koon Quan
Leo Tan Jun  Ein
Leo Tan Sheau Ling
Leo Tang Jau Wei
Leo Teoh Er Ling
Leo Teoh Wen Tien
Leo Vincent Leow


Leo Club Program History

     In 1957 , Lions Jim Graver and Willam Ernst of the Gienside Lions Club, Pennsylvania, USA, formed the world ‘s first Leo club. All 26 members of the Abington High School baseball teamjoined nine other students in forming the Abington Leo Club.
This first group of Leos selected maroon and gold for the Leo Club colors. These were the Colors of Abington High School.
News spread about this new service group for young people.Soon, additional Leo ClubsFormed ‘in Pennsylvania and throughout the USA. In October 1967, the Leo Club Program Of Lions International.Twenty-nine yearslater, the Fomeque Monarca Leo Club, Colombia became the world’s 5,000th active Leo Club. 

Leo Club Ideals

The Leo club Program objective is :
To provide the youth of the world an opportunity for development and contribution , individuallyAnd collectively ,as responsible members of the local ,national and international community .”
In more than 130 countries worldwide .Leos fulfill this service objective every day . Leo clubs are an asset to their communities.
Belonging to a Leo Club provides personal benefits. As community leader,Leos often develop confidence and organization skills. As a member of a team, Leos form strong friengships from among their fellow club members. 



All Leos are the potential leaders of tomorrow. LeoClubs attract actively in volved young adults those who are really and able to face the many challyenges that the world has to offer .Those Leos who serve in official capacities such as President or secretary learn to Shoulder respeon sibility as well delegate it.. 


Leo clubs offer experience in living . by interactiang with different club on a local Distri , Multiple District and lnternational level ,Leos have the  opportunity to learn about their own communities, as well as other. Through Sharing their lives with others people, they are experiencing new fellings,thoughts and visions. 


Opportunity to reach out to learn, to be a good person who stands up to be counted all these things can be yours as A Leo.Instead of just wishing that the world could be a more beautiful, peaceful place, you will be working for a change that will be brought about through your efforts.Ypu will also have the opportunity to enjoy the friendship of your fellow Leos through dances, outings and projects, every person who chooses to be a Leo says, in effect,”I care”.