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Teachers' Day

      The Teachers' Day was celebrated on the 15th of June 2001 in this school. At 7.40 am, all students assembled in front of concourse. After singing the National and Penang state anthem, the Education Minister's speech was read out. This was followed by a speech by PIBG chairman, Mr Koay Ah Meng who stressed on the important role played by teachers. He urged all students to appreciate the hard work of the teachers and work hard.

      In his speech, the Principal, Mr Hwong Seng asked the students to ponder on the true meaning of Teachers' Day. He reiterated that Teachers' Day does not mean giving presents, concerts and singing praises. Instead, they should understand that the best present for a teacher is to see his students succeed in life. As such they should work hard in their study to show their appreciation. Also the students were reminded to pay due respect to their teachers , past and present.

      Then three Form 5 students went up the concourse to recite some poems in three languages. The Principal then presented souvenirs to this year's outstanding teachers. This was followed by a cake-cutting ceremony. The class monitors who represented the students then went round giving presents to all the teachers.

      At 9.00 am, teachers and students took part in telematches. Teachers and students took part in various events and games. At around 10.15 am, a concert was held in the school hall. The Chinese Orchestra, the school band, and student bodies like Red Crescent, the Prefects, Electronic Club and Girl Guides took turns to perform on the stage. Some teachers also went on stage to show their talents. The concert ended at around 11.45 am.

      Finally, all teachers were treated to a lunch in the school canteen by the school Board of Directors.

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