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   On 2nd July 2001 our school had sent two teams of 
students to participate in the AMD computer competition . 
They had participated in the innovative and database categories . 
The team in the database category and the team in the innovative 
category won first and second prize respectively . 
This competition was held at the Polytechnic in Seberang Perai , Penang .
    In the competition , the organizers had sent twelve judges and they 
were divided into three groups to judge the project that had been created 
by the participants . Their judgement took about two days .
Marks were given according to the potencial , creativity , content and also 
the booklet that the participants had sent to the authorities . 
In this competition ,our school students had achieved an excellent result .
    The organizers had given out two types of certificate to the students 
,one is the participation certificate and the other is the
 achievement certificate.The authorities also gave a computer and RM2000 
for the team which won the first prize and RM1500 to the team 
who won the second prize.In the coming years , the Principal hopes 
that the students will get better results than this to push the school 
to a greats height .