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Jit Sin High School's Annual Sports Day 2002

Jit Sin High School held its Annual Sports Day on the 30th of March recently. It started off with a march past by uniform organisations and contingents of athletes from all five houses. This was followed by the opening ceremony which was graced by Mdm. Ng Siew Lai, the State Assembly of Bukit Tengah, Penang.

They are cool,aren't they?

Singing the national anthem,"Negaraku"

All athletes showed a strong spirit of sportsmanship and competitiveness. They gave their best and attempted to break records. Even the injured one did not give up. The spectators too did not let them down for they cheered incessantly to raise the morale of the athletes from their respective houses. Each time the result was announced, the students from the winning house would cheer to celebrate their victory.

Score indicators showing the positions of the houses

Although the medals and the records seemed to be the leading issue that morning, the true spirit of sportsmanship was evident in the heart of everyone. The winners were cheered, and at the same time losers were given comforting smiles and sometimes a pat on the shoulder indicating friendship is more important than anything else.

After a few hours, the competition and the hot sunlight seemed to take its toll on the spectators. Most of the students retreated to their house booths, while some went to the canteen to have something to eat. The order gradually broke into chaos, but everything was under control, thanks to the dutiful prefects and police cadets.

Having a drink to cool down...
"How much is this?"

Finally,was the highlight of the Sports Day. Athletes from other schools who were invited to Jit Sin made their appearance as if to answer the crowd's anticipation. The crowd cheered wildly when the athletes, including our school's,went to the starting line. The event was 4 X 200 metres relay. Our boys won the gold medal while our girls won the bronze medal. It was a moment of pride for all of us.

At the closing ceremony,it was announced that Purple House emerged as the overall champion this year,followed by Brown House and Red House. The event ended with shouts of "Hip Hip Hurray," bringing the spirit of sportsmanship fervour to its pitch.

In conclusion, the spirit of sportsmanship was evident throughout the Sports Day. The rain on the previous did not dampen the students' spirit to make it a success. Besides that, winning or losing was not our main concern. What was important was that everybody had a good time. This spirit of sportsmanship is still burning strong in Jit Sin. Hopefuly, it will never fade.

Interschool 4X200m - "We are the champion."
Pn. Yeoh :"I'm the winner!"

Written by:
Teh Yee Qin
Seng Jun Jia
Lee Hui Ting