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Lighting flashed across the sky and there was a terrible thunderstorm but Alex was still searching for something through the Internet . Suddenly , his computer hung and he received a code . The code looked like a password . He panicked because he did not have any experience in this type of problem . Without wasting time , he phoned his uncle who was a computer expert and told him the problem .

            A few minutes later , his uncle reached his house . His uncle almost fainted when he saw the code because a few years ago he also received the same kind of password . He immediately compared both password but they still couldn’t understand the password . At the moment they lost hope , Alex’s uncle hit the keyboard angrily . Suddenly a map was seen on the screen . There was a red dot on the map . They copied the map and the password into a diskette immediately . They found the red dot referred to a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean .

            They decided to explore it . The next day , they rented a mini helicopter . Then they began their journey to the island . It was unbelievable that they found the island successfully . After making sure that it was safe , they landed on the East Coast of the island .

            They started exploring the island . Although they had already tried their best , they still couldn’t find anything . Suddenly , Alex saw a green light flashing from the hillside . They hiked to the top of the fill and found that the green light came from an enormous emerald . There was a man made hole the size of a diskette . They put the diskette into the hole and the emerald moved to the right . They saw an entrance to an underground cave . They walked into it . At last they found a room full of high-tech machines . Then , they found a message written in English . From the message they knew that the machine was made millenniums ago .

            “Can you imagine prehistoric civilization on Earth . Why did they suddenly disappear ? Were they moved away or totally destroyed in a catastrophe ? Why did they leave the data to us ? And how did they know our language before we even exist ? Why…… ? ” we asked ourselves .